Vinoble facial treatments for Her & Him

For those with little time, small moments of peace are precious.
You decide how much „ME TIME“ to put aside today. During our treatment, we devote ourselves completely to the needs of your skin. Our purpose is skin happiness. That is what we call it when your skin is healthy, feels soft and looks fresh. The secret of happy skin lies in nature and in our natural products.


Vinoble classic
Refreshing moisturizing treatment

The high concentration of grape extracts makes your skin soft and shine.

Especially for: dry and sun-damaged skin

50 minutes including rest phase for 78,00 Euro


Vinoble intensiv
Intensive cleansing

This beautiful treatment is made for an intensive cleansing of your skin, so that the active ingredients of the grapes can completely be absorbed. It includes also an intensive facial massage.
Afterwards your skin will look fresh and rosy.

Especially for: impure and mixed skin

80 minutes including rest phase for 93,00 Euro


Vinoble „mini lifting“ facial
Award-winning Anti-Aging treatment

It gives your skin a visibly smooth and fresh look in only 50 minutes.
Our secret? The power of red wine! Precious extracts from the grapes nourish your skin and smooth lines. A „5*star treatment experience“ that keeps promises. It has been a Spa Diamond Award winner in the category „Best Green Spa Treatment 2015“.

Especially for: demanding skin and pigment disorders

50 minutes including rest phase for 89,00 Euro


Vinoble exquisit
Regeneration treatment with mesoporation

Highly effective Hyaluron and stem cells of the grapes will be deeply introduced with electromagnetic pulses. This treatment supports cell regeneration and stabilizes the tissue noticeable.
Give your skin a shiny glow effect!

Especially for: impure and/or tired skin and fine wrinkles

75 minutes including rest phase for 120,00 Euro


Extras to the treatments

Vinoble visible
Eye care treatment

Special care for the sensitive skin part around the eyes.
We will pamper you with an antioxidative resveratrol from the grape extract, a kind of natural Botox.

Especially for: all skintypes

25 minutes including rest phase for 29,50 Euro


Eyebrow shaping                              15,00 Euro

Eyebrow tinting                                 11,00 Euro

Eyelash tinting                                   15,00 Euro

Eyelash & Eyebrow tinting               23,00 Euro


Choose between hot wax or sugaring

Facial hair removing upper lip                    10,00 Euro

Facial hair removing upper lip & chin        18,00 Euro

Armpit                                                             18,00 Euro

Lower leg                                                        29,00 Euro

Full leg                                                             59,00 Euro



Care for hands and feets

Classic manicure
Professional handcare

A classic hand and nail treatment. At first the nails will be cleaned, filed into shape and the cuticles will be removed. Afterwards a nourishing nail soak seals your nails and you will enjoy a mini hand massage.

35 minutes including rest phase for 45,00 Euro


Vinoble manicure deluxe
Rest cure for your hands

An intensive hand and nail treatment. Your nails will be cleaned in a nourishing nail bath and afterwards filed into shape. The cuticles will be removed, your nails will be polished and then you will enjoy a tender hand-peeling and a hand mask. All topped with a hand and arm massage.
For velvety soft hands and perfectly manicured nails.

50 minutes including rest phase for 59,00 Euro


Classic pedicure
rofessional feetcare

Your feets are carrying you your whole life long – allow them a short timeout! A cosmetic footcare treatment. At first the nails will be cleaned, trimmed and filed into shape. Followed by cuticle care and callus removal, afterwards you will enjoy and a mini foot massage.

40 minutes including rest phase for 49,00 Euro


Vinoble pedicure deluxe
Rest cure for your feets

An intensive cosmetic footcare treatment. At first your feets will relax in a barrique winebath. Afterwards nails will be cleaned, trimmed and filed into shape. Followed by cuticle care and callus removal. You can choose between a relaxing foot and leg massage or nourishing polish.

50 minutes including rest phase for 59,00 Euro


Body treatments for Her and & Him

We all have a deep-rooted need to get closer to nature. Connecting to nature makes us more balanced. It let us rediscover the power and energy we thought we had lost. Our treatments and rituals let you feel this powerful connection with every touch.


Individual massage          25 minutes including rest phase                42,00 Euro

Individual massage          50 Minutes including rest phase                69,00 Euro

Individual massage          75 Minutes including rest phase                99,00 Euro


Honey massage
Mobilisation for the upper part of the body

This strengthening massage has its roots in Tibetan medicine and is perfect for releasing deeper tension in neck and back. The honey is made regional in the Allgäu and is precious for us in this treatment! It will give you cleansing and detoxifying effects.

25 minutes including rest phase for 45,00 Euro


Foot reflexology massage
Vitalizing foot massage

Through the stimulation of pressure points on your feets, your self-healing powers will be activated and at the same time you will gain a great relaxation. Your will get a wonderful feeling of happiness for your feets and soul.

40 minutes including rest phase for 59,00 Euro


Relaxation massage
Relief from everyday life

Leave the day behind you and enjoy a gentle massage for your body and soul.
Feel connected to yourself and get balanced. After this treatment you can start your day full of energy!

40 minutes including rest phase for 64,00 Euro


Hot stone massage
Wellness massage with hot stones

Enjoy the magnetic, primal power of this unique massage technique using warm basalt stones positioned on energy points. Paired with warm oils, they stimulate energy flows and release muscular tension.

75 minutes including rest phase for 94,00 Euro


Abhyanga - a full body massage
Massage with aromatic oils

A therapeutic relaxation massage with selected warm aromatic oils and elixirs.
Gain inner peace and balance through a pleasant massage experience.

75 minutes including rest phase for 99,00 Euro


Prist´abhyanga - a back- & neckmassage
Relaxation for the upper part of the body

For tense neck and shoulders, arms and back. Relieves the back of physical tension and releases deep emotional and stress- related blockages. After this massage you will feel how the energy is flowing freely again.

40 minutes including rest phase for 65,00 Euro


Full body packs

Vinoble Detox
Full body pack for glowing skin

Versatile active ingredients, like viniferin, in combination with grape seed oil will stimulate the fat burning - is a great care pack for your whole body. Firming and relaxing at the same time, enjoy this treatment in our floating lounger to support your body feeling!

            35 minutes floating time for 49,00 Euro


Vinoble Grape pack
Heavenly rest

Vinoble red grape mark has an activating effect and makes your skin soft. This pack is enriched with a cold-pressed grape seed oil, which cares your skin long-running. A promise to your skin: it will feel rosy and fresh looking for the whole day! Enjoy your „Me Time“ in our floating lounger.  

35 minutes feel-good time for 49,00 Euro



Privat Spa is created for perfect „couple time“ or „Me Time“

Time together is what nearly everyone prefers in holidays and that is one of the reasons why we would like to give you this privacy time in our Privat spa. You can enjoy yourselves in a Finnish sauna with a nice bathtub to relax and be yourself. You just have to choose between a fragrant herbal bath or barrique wine bath.

120 minutes feel-good time for 47,50 Euro


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